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We can offer rear Air conditioning A/c in current Mercedes Benz Sprinters / VW Crafters in two different formats:

1 -“teed” into the front system this is where the front factory A/c System is tapped into to power the new rear a/c evaporator
2 – Complete independent “rear system ” this will be a complete stand alone system for the rear. Having it’s own secondary compressor, condenser with fans, receiver drier etc.

  •  Can install 240 volt rear A/c caravan units for stationary operation
  • External roof top units can be used for specific applications
  • Rear A/c Evaporator can either be mounted above the drive blowing to rear or at the rear of the vehicle blowing forward
  • Internal Rear Evaporators have a powder coated aluminium cover panel, with air directional louvers and return air grills
  • Rear temperature display can be added as an option
  • Internal ducting can also be added as an option

Once we have you booked in for an install date we can usually complete this in one day

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Yes, same principal as the factory front A/c system

Extremely effective, this system can cope with high ambient temperatures and with powerful air flow passengers at the rear can still feel the performance

  • Mercedes Benz
  • 313 – 316 – 319 – 416 – 419 – 513 – 516 – 519
  • VW Crafter
  • Renault Master
  • Fiat Ducato