Autofrost Pty Ltd.

Autofrost Pty Ltd is a Australian owned business which sells, services, installs and manufactures air-conditioners for all sorts of mobile equipment e.g. cars, vans trucks earthmoving machinery, forklifts hot rods and classics and fridge vans and trucks .

Autofrost Pty Ltd does plastic vacuum forming for all sorts of applications, as well as the auto air-con industry.

Autofrost Pty Ltd has it’s own production / manufacture work shop and staff to produce our range of universal air-conditioners and heaters, Custom built air-conditioners can be designed, built, and fitted in house.

Existing units can be upgraded with the addition of a rear mounted air-con unit to keep passengers or goods cool.

The staff at Autofrost Pty Ltd have years of experience behind them and can come with the solution to your air-con hassles. Advice is free.

If you have trouble finding a replacement air-con hose or aluminium pipe chances are Autofrost Pty Ltd can reproduce it at a realistic price and quickly.

Service items and spare parts for auto air-conditioners are available at competitive prices. Check our deals.

Autofrost Pty Ltd also make a variety of items using a method known as plastic vacuum or thermo forming. This process enables Autofrost Pty Ltd to make items for our air-conditioners in house as well as all sorts of things for the display industry, building and engineering companies model makers and even bits for special effects used in the movies. Small run sizes are not a problem.

Warranty and after sales service are high priority at Autofrost Pty Ltd .If you are happy with our service tell others, if not tell us.

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