R-6101 Rooftop Airconditioner Unit

  • Lightweight

  • High-Capacity Unit

  • Low Profile Ceiling Plenum

  • Simple To Replace

  • Dual-Scroll/Dual-Inlet Spal Blower

  • Rifled-Tube Evaporator

The R-6101 is a new and revised version of the popular R-6100, Red dot engineers set out to create a sleek, low profile housing that would look right at home on today’s truck and heavy equipment cabs.

In the process of developing they have achieved a great weight reduction approx. 28% and also a significant performance increase approx 30%. These units are reliable and effective.

The R-6101 is a lightweight, high-capacity unit with a styled low profile, low profile ceiling plenum blends with any interior.

“Put these units on our fleet of specialised concrete trucks, very impressed. thank you again.”

Slater Contracting (Verified Buyer)

“Got one of these for my grader, sent direct to W.A great service fellas”

Pete (Verified Buyer)

“easy install and great finished result”

Bob (Verified Buyer)

“Thank God I got this! upgraded to this unit on my Western Star, cabs now freezing”

Cal (Verified Buyer)

The injection-molded housing has pockets to hold the receiver drier, blower assembly, and evaporator core, so they’re simpler to replace. A 12-inch Spal fan, dual-scroll/dual-inlet Spal blower, rifled-tube evaporator and a parallel flow condenser contribute to the improved performance. 24V version also available.


  • BTU’s: Cooling – 21,300 BTU @ 100˚F (6.2kw @ 37.8˚C) air temperature rise
  • Air Flow: 299 CFM (508 m3/h)
  • Weight: 40lbs (18.1kg)
  • Current Draw: 25.7 amps @ 13.6 VDC, 12.9 amps @ 27.2 VDC
  • Controls: Three speed

A low profile plenum protrudes barely into the cab and blends easily into the headliner leaving ample head room. Frigid, high-velocity air can be directed 360° through the large diffusers located directly below the double blowers. Also featured is a cab air filter incorporated into the plenum.

  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Filter/Receiver/Drier
  • Hose connections – installation specific NOT INCLUDED, recommend #8 for discharge line & #10 for suction.
  • Compressors (Any Sanden SD7h15 or SD7h14 with pulley matched to your engine and clutch voltage matched to your electrical system).
  • Connection Components (Rooftop air conditioners requires connection to an external A/C compressor).

Professional installation is required. must be installed by a licensed technician with Arctick AU

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