Automotive Air Conditioning /
Refrigeration Hoses & Pipes

Autofrost offers Air conditioning / refrigeration hose & pipe repair & manufacture, for applications such as:

  • Cars (both standard & modified)

  • Trucks

  • Heavy Vehicle

  • Machinery

  • Mining Equipment

  • Capital Equipment

  • Aircraft

All fittings / hose comply to Australian standards and suited to R134a, R1234yf, R404a refrigerants.

Both flexible and hard line can be made, Aluminium pipe can be made using our mandrel bending equipment and then end formed with our hydraulic forming machine.

Flexible line is highly resistant to temperature and easy to work with.

Got a leaking or broken air conditioning / refrigeration hose?

No problem, we can handle it. Drop in or send us your damaged / leaking hose with suspect area marked and we can offer a repair solution!

We will either make a completely brand new line / hose or brand new replacement using your existing ends.

Common faults:

  • Rubbed a hole in the rubber section
  • Leaking at the crimp join (where Alloy / steel meets rubber)
  • Crack or hole in Aluminium or steel pipe
  • Hose has become porous – leaking refrigerant

If you want to Reroute an air conditioning / refrigeration hose or line in a custom vehicle we can help you out.

Custom air conditioning lines, made in house for special builds, check out our Instagram page.

‘’we can engineer a solution’’


All repairs are different, depending on length, fittings, material etc… if you bring it down or send it to us we can give you a price estimate.
Generally we can turn most jobs around in 24 – 48 *stock dependant.
Defiantly, we have clients all around the country! Especially Mining equipment – Heavy vehicle. Send us the damaged hose / pipe, we can repair and send it back you.
Not as yet, something we may consider in the future. In the meantime, whip off the line / hose, send it to us and we’ll get it back to you!

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